October 15, 2019

Gods of Uis-Valla Series

Post 108

Kesp Writing

Uis-Valla is the centre of the cosmos with all other worlds leading to it.  The essences of the four elders of the Korninti radiate out through the Cosmic Pathway onto each realm maintaining harmony and balance between chaos and order.  In this post, I will share with you the worlds that exist, watched over and monitored by the Korninti of Uis-Valla.  

Worlds/Realms in...

September 27, 2019

Gods of Uis-Valla Series

Post 107

Kesp Writing

There is a great city that has always existed since the birth of life and civilisation itself. It is a place that monitors and guards all ten worlds of the cosmos, maintaining a harmonised balance between order and chaos. Its name is Uis-Valla and is the centre point where all worlds/realms merge:  Kingdom of Vellig, Kingdom of Malaar, Soulamir Realm, K-73 Realm, Auskan World, Noige,...

September 12, 2019

Post 106

Kesp Writing

Anyone working with scripts and in screenwriting knows how strict the formatting is, especially concerning submitting scripts to agents/production companies. Screenwriting formatting must be followed. It is unclear to my knowledge on who set the format, but by 1949 it was set as the standard format for all screen writing scripts.  The following are the basic outlines and the detail behind the full formattin...

August 27, 2019

Post 105

Kesp Writing

Everyone has a passion, a creative side, an inner voice that seeks a way to communicate.  Writing is a powerful tool of communication and there are many ways in which you can write, whether it is through, novels, short stories, screenwriting, poetry, flash fiction, memoirs or non-fiction.

Starting shortly at the Crescent College, Limerick city, are the following writing classes:

  • Creative Writing

    • F...

August 14, 2019

The Portrait of Isabella Simmons Excerpt

Post 104

Kesp Writing

Francesco Romano’s Journal Entry 3

17th October 1954

Following my first encounter with the Governor, clear instructions were set out, something which contrasted greatly with how things were done in Italy.  The English I found to be very structured and pedantic when it came to timings and schedules.  I was already given in advance the number of sittings I would have with...

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