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"Ben Kesp's books are an engaging rollercoaster of raw emotional journeys rife with internal character struggles"

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Ben Kesp

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"Writing is a craft, a talent, an expression of thoughts and emotions communicated through characters and plots"

Ben Kesp, Author 

Landed Estate

"Landed Estate is an eloquently written tale of the landed aristocracy in Ireland"

Susanna Westby battles with family values, tradition, land and love in this historical mystery romance set in 18th and 19th century Ireland. Family secrets have been kept hidden sparking unresolved family disputes over her home and estate at Point Pleasant, leading to deceit and murder, tangled with the intricate lives of the aristocratic classes.

Novel: Mystery/Romance

Green Field

The Portrait of

Isabella Simmons

"This thriller enthrals the reader from beginning to end as the characters' individual histories begin to unfold"

Fleeing from her Connemara home at the age of sixteen, Johanna Cahill leaves a trail of bodies in her wake. Believing she has escaped the past, the discovery of Francesco Romano, an Italian artist, suddenly puts everything she has worked for into jeopardy, forcing her to take action, complicating her web of deceit. Now with the authorities alerted, can Johanna restore her plan and avoid capture?

Novel: Mystery/Thriller

Dr. Elizabeth Bannon


"Engaging and vivid, full of detail and atmospheric tension"

My name is Dr. Elizabeth Bannon, a woman who should not exist in this world, but due to an unknown mutation of my genes by an engineered agent, I have become what Dr. Marvin Speel wanted the human race to evolve to. I will continue to record the true record of world events and prevent rogue agencies from intervening in what should be the natural evolution of the human race and of the world order.

Series: Mystery/Adventure

Underwater Scuba Diving

The Witch of Ballyvale

"Mystery, the unknown, determination, strong ideals, all the perfect elements to have your mind going"

What do people fear? The unknown, the ruling classes, or individualism? Aged four, Mags Rose was plucked from her home that was alien to her and placed in a world where she would grow to be an individual, strong in her beliefs and values. Others fear her, wishing to dominate, and wanting her submission to the norms of society. She stands firm.

Novelette: Mystery

The Letter

"An exciting thriller full of action with a touch of mystery"

Would a mysterious letter pinned to your front door alter your life considerably? What if it set in motion a chain of events leading to the discovery of a hidden underground city to search for a secret artefact that has lain hidden for almost six hundred years? An artefact that holds the truth to the origins of earth’s early civilisations which powerful organisations like the Catholic Church wish to destroy. Would you be curious? Mystery/Adventure set in Malta.

Novelette: Mystery/Adventure


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