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Published Works

[Historical Themed Novels]

The Portrait of Isabella Simmons

Landed Estate

[Mystery/Adventure Series and Novelettes]

Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series

The Letter

The Witch of Ballyvale


[Complete and Available]

Short: Moments


"An angel and a man discover the meaning of moments"

Short: Broken


"A young man unknowingly battles the void left by his mother and corporate abuse"


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Ben Kesp is a published multi-genre author, writer, teacher and brand name who lives in Ireland. With already having published several books, distributed internationally, creativity for Ben is the freedom of expression and believes every individual has the right to read, express and communicate.  Reading and writing are powerful; entertaining, educating and enlightening us.  The role of imagination is still as important today as it was in the time of our ancestors.  The act of storytelling forms an integral part of our complex cultures. 


Ben provides a platform for writers to share their passions for writing, culture, mythology, literature and history through the Literature & Culture Corner Blog


Ben has written feature articles for Irish Central, New York, MoonProject, UK and other online publications. 

Ben Kesp Writing Academy 


Created in 2016, the vision of the Writing Academy is to help people find their inner voice of expression through creativity offering meaning and satisfaction.  Courses are delivered both online and classroom-based, providing the knowledge and skills necessary for candidates interested in pursuing the path of publishing, applying techniques in the writing process. 

A selected number of Ben Kesp Writing Academy courses are delivered through the Limerick Writers Centre and the Crescent College Comprehensive, Limerick throughout the year. 


If you wish to get in touch with Ben please use the Contact Page or follow on any of the social media shown below.    


Ben sends the best of good intentions to all. 



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