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Ben Kesp is a published multi-genre author, writer, teacher, and brand name who lives in Ireland. With already having published several books, distributed internationally, creativity for Ben is the freedom of expression and believes every individual has the right to read, express, and communicate.  Reading and writing are powerful; entertaining, educating, and enlightening us.  The role of imagination is still as important today as it was in the time of our ancestors.  The act of storytelling forms an integral part of our complex cultures. 


Ben works with the Literature & Culture Corner Blog team providing a platform for writers to share their passion and build confidence in writing. 


Ben has written feature articles for Irish Central, New York; MoonProject, UK; and other online publications.




2012 OctEstablished the Literature & Culture Corner Blog


2014 AprEstablished the Pen of Kesp, a subscribed literature and culture monthly newsletter.  The newsletter was circulated until October 2017 with 36 issues circulated.


2014 AprPublished the Novelette: The Letter  


2014 NovInterviewed for the Indie Scribe Magazine


2014 MayPublished the Novelette: Friday


2015 Mar - Nominated for the Shorty Awards, honouring the best of social media by recognising the influencers, brands, and organisations on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more.  


2016 MarPublished the Novelette: The Witch of Ballyvale


2016 SepPublished the Novel: Landed Estate.  The novel compiled the original trilogy of books published in 2014 and 2015.


2016 Nov - Established the Ben Kesp Writing Academy to empower individuals to find their inner voice and express emotion, thoughts, and imagination through writing. Its courses aim to help people find their voice through creativity.


2018 MarPublished the Novel: The Portrait of Isabella Simmons


2019 MayPublished the Series: Dr. Elizabeth Bannon.  The series publication replaced the original individual six books published between 2014 and 2018.

2020 Jan - The Literature & Culture Corner Blog is now under a new management team with Ben Kesp as partner. 

2020 June - The Ben Kesp Academy was rebranded in June 2020 as the Starlight Writing Academy under a new management team. 

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