The Letter  

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The Letter

Would a mysterious letter pinned to your front door alter your life considerably? What if it set in motion a chain of events leading to the discovery of a hidden underground city to search for a secret artefact that has lain hidden for almost six hundred years? An artefact that holds the truth to the origins of earth’s early civilisations which powerful organisations like the Catholic Church wish to destroy. Would you be curious? Mystery/Adventure set in Malta. ISBN: 9781311047526

Author: Ben Kesp

Editor: Moira Cross 



The Letter - Barnes & Noble (5 Stars)

Reviewed by Mike_H34 

I finished reading your story this weekend. Simply amazing and compelling. An exciting Kesp. Looking forward to reading the sequel.thriller full of action with a touch of mystery. I could perfectly see myself in some of Paul Arient's traits. Thank you very much for this great story Ben


The Letter - Barnes & Noble  (4 Stars)

Reviewed by Anonymous 

Compelling Read


 The Letter - Barnes & Noble  (3.5 Stars)

Reviewed by Anonymous 

Good story



The Character of Paul Arient



Paul Arient thought he was living a quiet and relaxing life on the island of Malta in the centre of the Mediterranean.  A note pinned to his door set events in motion he had not even dreamed of, leading him to investigate an underground city beneath Valletta the capital of Malta in search of an old deposit box containing a secret so powerful that world organisations like the Catholic Church wished to keep buried.  


Unknown to Paul he begins to discover more about his family history through this experience.  He has always questioned his family origins.  On researching his own family history he learned that in the 16th century his family arrived in Ireland from France but after investigating for years, the trail in France kept throwing up blanks.  While in Malta running through the dark and vacant streets of an underground city he learns he is the descendant of Iulio Arientus, an Italian and leader of the Knights Templar and later a valued member of the Knights Hospitaller in the 14th century.


Paul’s Character


Paul has a quiet nature but his curiosity is wild, pushing him forward to learn and discover new things.  On finding the note pinned to his apartment door, it is his curiosity that brings him on an adventure opening his eyes to things he never dreamed of, even putting his own life in danger.  He now finds himself tasked with an incredible responsibility of protecting an ancient secret along with Adele, the elder of an ancient coven.  He questions his own strength and if he has what it takes to carry out this mission.  The life he once knew has been shattered, even his understanding of the world has been rocked to its core.  He continues forward unclear but curious about what lies ahead. 

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