The Witch of Ballyvale 

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The Witch of Ballyvale

What do people fear? The unknown, the ruling classes, or individualism? Aged four, Mags Rose was plucked from her home that was alien to her and placed in a world where she would grow to be an individual, strong in her beliefs and values. Others fear her, wishing to dominate, and wanting her submission to the norms of society. She stands firm. ISBN: 9781311953254

Author: Ben Kesp

Editor: Moira Cross 




The Witch of Ballyvale - Smashwords  (5 Stars)

Reviewed by Gabriel Woods 

The Witch Of Ballyvale is a very thought-provoking book. Ben explores the issues of individuality through his characters, how being considered different can have disastrous implications. It is also a fast-paced book and the action begins on page one. A book well worthy of five stars.


The Witch of Ballyvale - Barnes & Noble  (5 Stars)

Reviewed by Mike_H34

Very exciting story. Mystery, the unknown, determination, strong ideals, all the perfect elements to have your mind going. Strongly recommended. 


The Witch of Ballyvale - Barnes & Noble (5 Stars)

Reviewed by Anonymous 

Interesting story about a strong individual. 



The Character of Mags Rose                      



Very little is known of Mags Rose’s early life, in fact, her true name is unknown.  The life she is only familiar with is living with her adopted mother Heather Rose at Ballyvale, a small village situated in a valley, sheltered by the sand dunes of Ballyvale beach facing the Atlantic Ocean.  She recalls her earliest memories of her old life living in a grand stately home with many servants.  At the age of four, she was taken from her home and her parents.   The night is clear in her thoughts, remembering travelling through the darkness to Ballyvale village and a short distance onwards to the little cottage of Heather Rose. 


Character of Mags


Mags is a very private individual, never wanting the attention of others.  She has always known she differs from most other people because of the gift she possesses.  It has alienated her from her own family and society.  Heather Rose was the only person that understood her, perhaps for her own plans but Mags loved Heather dearly as her own mother. 


Mags’ nature is gentle, grounded, and balanced.   Strength lies in her core, rising when she needs it like a protective shield around her emotional state.  Mags believes in her ideals but she is open-minded to those around her.  She never lays blame on the other villagers that ostracise her but refers to them as sheep, unable to guide and direct themselves. She stands between a power struggle of individualism and norms of following society.  Mags believes she would never have been given the chance to stand on her feet if she had remained living at her parent’s home.  Frightening and dramatic was the experience she endured as a child but her life created a new path of growth allowing her to be an individual. 


Her life is not without questions.  She queries was there a connection between Heather Rose and her own family?  She plays with the idea that her gift could be inherited and ponders the thought that her mother may also have it. Alas, she will never find the answers but can look on her life with pride that she has stood strong against the forces of imposing oppression, never faltering, and remaining true to values and beliefs.



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