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Update January 2019: Please note that the publication of episodes 5 to 23 is currently on hold. 


The scripted serial originally written between the years 1999 and 2002 is based on the Lavin family.  Robert Lavin founded the Lavin Group of Industries in the late 1960s, and over the following decades, the organisation has grown into a multi billion pound industry diversifying in transport of bulk fuels - coal, oil and gas, as well as oil and gas drilling, overseas foreign investments in development of power supply bases, global debt collectors and consultancy services for corporate mergers and acquisitions. The Head Office or HQ for the Lavin Group is located in Dublin City, Ireland, with offices and factories in Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Poland, Brazil and the Philippines.  Oil and gas drilling rigs are located off the south and west coast of Ireland, the northwest coast of Norway, and the Mediterranean Sea, while drilling plans are set for the north east coast of Brazil.


Robert Lavin, the majority shareholder of the Lavin Group, has died unexpectedly leaving the family inheritance to his son Ethan Lavin.  Robert Lavin lived with his wife Jayne Lavin in a sprawling country estate called Belmont Estate in Co. Kildare. Jayne died in a horse riding accident six years prior to his own death leaving him and their two children, Ethan and Tamara.  Ethan Lavin, aged twenty-one, has just finished his Masters in Business Law & Management, while his sister Tamara, aged nineteen, is studying towards her degree in Journalism and Media.  The script opens with Ethan Lavin being cast into the large multi-national organisation that stems a life of its own with shadowy figures, secret groups and a cut throat management team with their own agendas.



The style I adopted for the script, due to its short episode length and genre, is short and fast moving scenes, allowing the reader to become caught up in the rapidness of events.


Character Listing


The following is a list of main characters that featured throughout The Firm series:


Ethan Lavin

Philip Cordae

Tamara Lavin

Nicole Jacobs

Leanne Hartigan

Joyce Westward

Raquel Dunne

Angela Ryan

Alic Nolan

Gary Smyth

Eliza Smyth

Michael Hastings

Stevie Lyons

Frank Reynolds


The Firm Script is written consisting of 23 episodes of 20-minute duration.  Currently, episodes 1 to 4 have been published. 

Currently, the publication of episodes 5 to 23 is on hold. 



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