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The Literature and Culture Corner blog has been sharing content on history, mythology, literature and culture since 2012. Contributors share their passion for history, myths, culture or book discussions with many contributors becoming regulars.  Showcase your passion and gain exposure for your interests.  Posts are shared across the Ben Kesp social media platforms.  


What can I Submit?


1. Submit Articles on:


  • Authors (any period/genre)

  • Folklore 

  • Mythology

  • Poetry

  • History (any period)

  • Book Reviews

  • Culture


2. Be interviewed on a related topic or to showcase your new book. 


Submission Guidelines:


  • Posts are to be written in English, however, will be checked prior to publishing. 

Min Word Count: 400
Max Word Count: 1,500 

(Larger topics can be divided into two or more posts)

  • Image: Optional 


If you provide an image which is not your own, you must include the source for the image.




  • Articles can be written from a personal voice. 

  • Contributions are voluntary 

  • You retain the copyright of your articles 


Complete the Contact Form to begin contributing. Experienced and inexperienced writers can submit. Regular contributors can opt for bi-annual, bi-monthly (2 monthly) or monthly submissions. Your post will contain your name/pen name along with an optional short bio.



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