Weekly Serial: P.I. Carson – Captive Soul

April 28, 2020

Post 115.

Written by Ben Kesp


Henry Carson’s interest in Charlotte Summers has only deepened on the discovery that she may be a part of a group or cult of women who originated from a long line of women from Spain who possess a power which Emily refers to as science that the Roman Catholic Church in Rome fears. Is it witchcraft or science?  Henry has to investigate for himself and his longing to release Charlotte from the position she finds herself in is strong now his quest is only fuelled by the news of her origins.


Parts 1 to 11 are now available to read in the Reading Room and links are below for reading. P.I. Carson will take a short break for a while and will return shortly.  News and updates will be posted on its return.


Read Parts 1- 6 P.I. Carson – Captive Soul

Read Parts 7 - 11 P.I. Carson – Captive Soul



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