Weekly Serial: P.I. Carson - Captive Soul: Part III

February 18, 2020

Post 113.

Written by Ben Kesp


Part III of P.I. Carson – Captive Soul, is now available to read.  The following is the opening from Part III.  Click on the link that follows to read Part III.

Part III

Returning to the burnt shell of the barn, Henry pushes his discussion with Charlotte out of his thoughts.  He is not sure why she agitated him so much. It was never his intention to jump straight into a line of questioning and his actions for doing so has left him slightly confused. Joining Edmond by the barn he observes his comrade standing and inspecting the entrance to the forest leading up to the rear of the property.


“There is a trail leading in from the rear of this property.  I wonder where it goes to.”

“Into the woods, I would surmise.”

“State the obvious.  That is something I discovered for myself,” Edmond chides.

“While you are looking into the depths of darkness in those trees, this former barn is the purpose of our investigation,” Henry replies stepping onto the floor, now covered in galvanised sheets.


The charred walls still emit a burning odour. Bending he grabs the sheets to find they are nailed to the floor. Stepping into the centre of the barn he surveys the empty space.  Turning he sees a man standing in the doorway.

“You must be Michael Walsh, the coachman.”

“That I am.  Can I help you, sir?”

“I am Henry Carson, a private investigator hired by Ms Summers to investigate the burning of this shed which has been remarkably cleaned,” Henry replies glancing around the blackened walls before him. “Did you clean it out?”

“I did, under the orders of Ms Charlotte.”

“I see. It is not easy to investigate a scene when all remaining evidence has been brushed away.”

“Only ashes, that’s all that was left.”

“And the floor?” Henry taps his boot onto the galvanised sheets.  Michael remains silent. Henry holds his gaze onto the man before him.

“You have no answer.  The thing is Mr Walsh, I need answers.  I know some time passed before Ms Charlotte reported the incident.  Perhaps it was never her intention to even report it so she would not have been expecting anyone to be here.” Henry steps closer to Michael. “Why do you believe Mrs Harriet Summers gave you a letter before she hung herself?”


Read Part III: P.I. Carson – Captive Soul



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