Weekly Serial: P.I. Carson - Part II

February 12, 2020

Post 112. Written by Ben Kesp


Part II of P.I. Carson – Captive Soul, is now available to read.  The following is the opening from Part II.  Click on the link that follows to read Part II.



Part II

Henry waves off the carriage that places him and Edmond standing at the avenue entrance leading to Edenwood Manor.  Henry notices there is no entrance gate, only two stone piers that nature is gradually reclaiming.  A dark avenue stretches out before them, heavily covered in hanging tree branches blocking out all light from hitting the pebble stones.  Stepping inwards it is obvious little upkeep is being done on the avenue.  What once appears to have been hedging and shaped shrubs are now wild and tangled with briars lining each side of the avenue.  They soon exit the canopy of heavy trees and their view falls onto a simple lawn spreading towards a large two-story square house.  The house boasts little architectural features except for its main door.  It has two pillars on either side with a large fanlight overhead forming at the base of the family crest of the Wescott family.  Approaching the house, Henry casts his eyes upwards to the upper floor to see many of the windows have their drapes drawn.


Remaining in silence, the two men step to the side of the house, entering the backyard of the house, their eyes falling onto the row of stables and eventually they eye the burnt shell of the barn. 


“Carry out an inspection of the yard and buildings and see what you can find,” Henry directs his friend.  “I will return to the house and chat with Ms. Summers.”


Edmond nods in agreement and Henry returns to the house, glancing briefly along the narrow path covered in flowers and ivy that runs parallel to the side gable leading to a garden.  He intends to explore that later when he does a more detailed inspection but for now, he must meet with Ms. Summers.  Moving to the front door he knocks and the door is opened by a tall elegant woman, perhaps a few years younger than him but with her serious demeanour, he can be sure.


“Good day.  My name is Henry Carson, P.I.  I have been sent here on request from Ms. Charlotte Summers, whom I believe is expecting me.”


Read Part II: P.I. Carson



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