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The last couple of months have been busy so I thought it time I gave an update on what is happening. Teaching is taking up a large chunk of time, but I am also very busy writing.

I have been working on three short screenplays and the third one is coming to completion within the coming month. The names of the three shorts are, “Broken”, “Moments” and “Substitute”.

My latest novel “Guardian – Rise of the Gods” which is part of the Gods of Uis-Valla series is currently resting but there are moments when I delve in and out of it. The time out allows for the story and characters to churn around in my head. This can add extra strength to the story and characters creating their positioning in my thoughts even stronger, in addition to highlighting any weaknesses in the novel. There are two posts written on this project and watch out for more as the novel progresses.

I will also bring your attention to the links below and if you have a post you wish to share for the Literature & Culture Corner Blog, do get in contact. Until next time, take care and keep smiling.


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