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October 15, 2019

Gods of Uis-Valla Series

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Uis-Valla is the centre of the cosmos with all other worlds leading to it.  The essences of the four elders of the Korninti radiate out through the Cosmic Pathway onto each realm maintaining harmony and balance between chaos and order.  In this post, I will share with you the worlds that exist, watched over and monitored by the Korninti of Uis-Valla.  


Worlds/Realms in order:


  1. Kingdom of Vellig

    • Armonte – a race of extremely powerful magicians/sorcerers

  2. Kingdom of Malaar

    • Humans

  3. Soulamir  Realm

    • Queen Miranda and the Red Fairies

  4. K-73 Realm

    • Artaci – a race of demons

  5. Auskan World

    • World of creatures and monsters – misfits of the cosmos

  6. Noige

    • Zaures – race of giants

  7. Odonar

    • Currently empty

  8. Solaris

    • Humans

  9. Bladel Petas

    • World of plant species

  10. Oise

    • Simrodi – sea creatures in a world of water

  11. Uis-Valla

    • City of the Gods – inhabited by the Korninti


Each world is referred to as world or realm, with the realm usually referred to with a number, for example, Auskan World or the fifth realm.  As I build each world so too will the inhabitants develop.  As this is my first official fantasy novel, creating multiple worlds and scenes can be challenging as research and creating an authentic environment is just as important as my historical themed novels in the past, even if this is speculative fiction. However as I have written many times, researching and world/environment building can be fun, even if it requires very careful documenting of every minute detail to ensure accuracy.   


These posts are related to my new work in progress: Guardian – Rise of the Gods, book 1 in the Gods of Uis-Valla Series.


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