Guardian - Rise of the Gods: The City of Uis-Valla

September 27, 2019

Gods of Uis-Valla Series

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There is a great city that has always existed since the birth of life and civilisation itself. It is a place that monitors and guards all ten worlds of the cosmos, maintaining a harmonised balance between order and chaos. Its name is Uis-Valla and is the centre point where all worlds/realms merge:  Kingdom of Vellig, Kingdom of Malaar, Soulamir Realm, K-73 Realm, Auskan World, Noige, Odonar, Solaris, Bladel Petas, and Oise.


The occupants of Uis-Valla are gods, supreme beings of energy, called the Korninti and their existence is unknown to every living organism of the ten realms.


Uis-Valla has its own star system that constantly bathes the city with low ever changing shades of blue hue, reflecting off its two grand city entrance towers of black obsidian casting light onto the long onyx stone runway that leads from the towers to the Cosmic Pathway.  From within the black tourmaline dome, the Cosmic Pathway is the control tower for entrance and exits to all worlds.  A gigantic wheel of gold spins anti-clockwise embedded in a floor of Serendibite stone.


The large obsidian towers mark the entrance to the city of Uis-Valla and each tower is connected at the top by an onyx walkway.  Standing behind the two towers is the Azsula, its hematite stone features constantly bathed in a blue hue.  It houses the great hall of the Korninti Gods, the senior council chamber and the elder’s throne room.  The Azsula opens onto a large oval lake of silver mercury, lined on each side by five tall elegantly designed golden pillars, each representing the ten worlds, with a short path leading to a golden pillar twice the size of the others with a replica of Uis-Valla sitting atop. 


From here an onyx walkway extends from the lake of mercury to the Garden of Gorma, an expansive circular garden surrounded by walls of water with an entrance gate of tourmaline stone.  Within, cascading waterfalls on sapphire stone line a walkway of ruby to the central plaza which is dominated by the four statues of the Korninti elders in red amber stone. To the rear of the statues is a wall of sapphire decorated with golden motifs and emerald green stones.


These posts are related to my new work in progress: Guardian – Rise of the Gods, book 1 in the Gods of Uis-Valla Series.


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