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Everyone has a passion, a creative side, an inner voice that seeks a way to communicate. Writing is a powerful tool of communication and there are many ways in which you can write, whether it is through, novels, short stories, screenwriting, poetry, flash fiction, memoirs or non-fiction.

Starting shortly at the Crescent College, Limerick city, are the following writing classes:

  • Creative Writing

  • Fiction writing, elements of story, feature writing, poetry, memoirs, screenwriting

  • Screenwriting Fundamentals

  • Understanding the 3 act structure, plot twists, endings, formatting, script writing

  • How to Publish an E-Book

  • Writing & editing, book cover design, publishing process

Delve into these classes and explore the writing and publishing processes. Develop your craft and discover your voice to express and communicate.

Term start date for classes is the 16th of September with enrolment on Wednesday the 4th and Tuesday the 10th of September. Ensure to book your place!

For a full list of courses on offer, check out the Crescent College Website.


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