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Summer is well underway here in the northern hemisphere and with that time comes the long bright evenings, a time to enjoy the outdoors and the wonderful nature our planet offers us. It has been a while since I said hello and gave a personal update on my projects but also it’s a time to say a big hello to all new friends and followers, on twitter, instagram, facebook, linkedin and not forgetting MeWe and Pluspora, the two new platforms I migrated to since the sad demise of G+. I thank you for your continued support and for interacting.

My vision of the 3Es for Ben Kesp continues to be the same. Reading and writing are powerful; entertaining, educating and enlightening us. The role of imagination is still as important today as it was in the time of our ancestors. The act of storytelling forms an integral part of our complex cultures.

For newer friends/followers the following are currently published works that you might be interested in sinking your teeth into:

Historical themed novels:

The Portrait of Isabella Simmons

Landed Estate

Mystery/adventure novelettes:

Dr Elizabeth Bannon Series

(6 Novelettes in one book)

The Letter

The Witch of Ballyvale

You might like to know what project Ben Kesp is now working on? I am currently working on drafting the plan for my next novel and it is a genre that I have not published before! I am turning my hand to fantasy! The writing of fantasy itself is not new to me and has been an interest of mine for a long time. The new novel is based on an original story I wrote many years ago. Once the plan and structure are developed further, it will receive its own page on the Ben Kesp Website with information on characters, species, worlds and story information. Starting a new novel is always a daunting task and especially delving into a new genre however it is where the excitement and passion ignites, fused by the love for researching and discovering all things new! Then turning that idea, blended with a mix of colourful characters and plots to create a new world of existence. I will keep you updated on the novel’s progression.

I would also like to remind everyone of your chance to get involved and share your interests and passions by becoming a contributor on the Literature and Culture Corner Blog. I welcome all the new contributors this year who have and continue to share their passions for writing whether it is in fiction, history, myths, culture, book reviews, etc. Share your work, your interests and help enlighten and entertain readers to the blog each week. Links to everything is placed below.

Should your passion and interest in writing make you want to learn more, I have designed a number of writing courses which are delivered through the Ben Kesp Writing Academy online or locally within Crescent College, Limerick, and the Limerick Writers Centre. Courses include; The Craft of Writing, Screenwriting Fundamentals, Publishing Preparation, Writing as a Business, in addition to further short awards. Discovering your voice is important in building your confidence and allowing the creative side of you to become a part of your everyday life. Creativity is a part of our lives in everything we do, even in our professional careers and we should not deny that it is.

So, wherever you are in the world, whether it is summer or winter, explore and embrace your passions, find your voice and continue to enjoy the world of reading. Thank you and hello!


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