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Defining who we are as authors can be challenging and unfortunately like most things in life and society, there needs to be labels and a certain box to fit into. Anyone who knows me knows I do not believe in labels or tagging, however I do see the logic from the point of view of categorizing. I love to write and give a good entertaining story to the reader, however I have arrived at a point where I feel it is necessary to start defining who I am as an author for the years ahead. Being a multi-genre author can post multiple challenges especially concerning marketing and finding that niche market. People like your work in a specific genre and then discover, oh! not all your books are in that genre but in another they do not like!

My greatest body of work to date as an author has been in two categories: Historical, containing the novels; Landed Estate and The Portrait of Isabella Simmons, and in Mystery/Drama containing shorter works in the form of novelettes like; The Witch of Ballyvale, The Letter and the Dr. Elizabeth Bannon series. I am proud of the characters and stories created within each. Moving forward, I could continue with historical, however I have two large pieces of works, that I wish to develop and both again are in different genres – Fantasy and Space Opera.

Many people suggest creating different pen names, but this adds to creating a multitude of additional work when it arrives at social media, advertising, promoting, websites, etc.

Marketing for multiple audiences is challenging and requiring a body of work that will create loyalty with the reader so they can depend on the author not abandoning the genre for something else.

Have you had this dilemma and if so, what did you do?

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