Kingdom of Malaar Returns!!

April 10, 2019

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The goddesses, Rubella and Soulep were two of four powerful elders from the race known as the Korninti. The elder's four essences of wisdom, love, healing and war, balance out the cosmos, ensuring chaos and order are maintained in harmony.  The elders along with the rest of the Korninti race were the guardians of the Hall of Worlds, a space that exists between all worlds.  Still unknown to the people of the Kingdom of Malaar, the two elders have fled to the kingdom following a collapse in the Korninti order and a battle from their rivals, the Armonte, a race of powerful magicians that now wish to take what the Korninti had – ultimate power.  Using Sira and Malic as their two human messengers, the goddesses rally the people of the Kingdom of Malaar for a battle that has followed them to their shores. 


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January 3, 2020

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