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Ben Kesp Academy

Have you written a manuscript and are looking to have it published?

Do you know the options that are available to you?

The Award in How to Publish an E-Book will help you to discover more on the publishing world and focuses on how to design a cover and publish an e-book. The process will allow you to develop your passion and creativity for writing and help you to understand much more on what happens after writing the manuscript. It will help move you on to becoming an author. All courses through the Ben Kesp Academy have been designed with a practical, inspiring and focused approach.

Why not also avail of the special offering running throughout 2019! 20% discount applies to all editing/proofreading services from a professional editor once you book your place on the award throughout 2019. For more information, check out the Ben Kesp Academy here.

In addition to understanding the process of editing, the course will assist in designing a cover suitable for an e-book. Candidates will use photo software or Canva (Graphic Design Tool).

How this award works

Candidates can choose between live online classes or classroom learning. Classroom learning takes place in Limerick city and a schedule of all writing courses can be found on the Ben Kesp Academy here. The award will explore three topics with practical exercises associated with each one. The award is also proposed to run through the Limerick Writer’s Centre in May.

Check out the Ben Kesp Academy for more!

Ben Kesp Academy was set up in 2016 with the aim of helping people to find their own voice through creativity. Writing like many other forms is a powerful tool for expression and communication. Discovering our passions can enlighten us, awakening a new sense of awareness within us and helps us to reach new heights of discovery and potential we never imagined before. With this comes a new energy and zest for life. We all have natural talents and with work and practice, these can be honed and developed and used in all aspects of our life providing more meaning in what we do. Find your voice!

Check out the Ben Kesp Academy for more!

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