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Friday: My story

Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series - Book 6 Excerpt 2

Publication Date: Friday 22nd March 2019

At this time of my life, there is no grief or sorrow left in my heart; only joy knowing that Bradley still exists with me in the spirit world, comforting me and watching over me each day. However, at the time of his death, it shook my world. It was on the celebration of our two-year wedding anniversary that he died. It was a skiing accident on the Alps. My world was plunged into darkness, and I stopped living and turned to just existing. I directed what was left of my slight existence to my studies, dedicating my life to my career and my patients.

Before Bradley’s death, I had landed a once in a lifetime opportunity to work in the private institution of Claremont Hospital under the guidance of the esteemed Dr. Marvin Speel due to having achieved top awards in my studies. I often did wonder had he looked for me to join his team. Dr. Speel was a man I was eager to learn more from, having read many of his papers detailing his studies on his work on human anatomy and brain function.

But prior to me meeting Jacob Fontain, the patient that changed my life in so many ways, I had come to dislike Dr. Speel and his methods. From my point of view at the time, I believed the man was more interested in the financial gain than the actual therapy of the patients. I kept to myself and had little dealings with the man. If I had known then how things were to pan out, would I have accepted the post at Claremont? I cannot say. It is easy to speak with hindsight; however I do not regret meeting many of the people along this amazing journey, and more importantly, I would not be alive to write this today.


The morning sunlight warms her cheeks. Opening her eyes, the slightly parted blinds allow the sun to filter into the bedroom. Feeling warm and relaxed, her body has almost shut down, a physical state she has not experienced in so long. It is comforting. His hand reaches around and holds her body tight to his. Turning, she places her eyes on his.

“Good morning babe,” his voice gently whispers, followed by his irresistible smile. She waits for his next move, turning her head slightly as he nibbles under her right ear lobe. It’s his special little way, and he knows she loves it. Chuckling with response, she holds his arms, squeezing them tighter around her, feeling safe in his arms.

“Bradley, I love you,” Elizabeth replies as she opens her eyes, staring upwards at the clinically white ceiling and lowly lit room. Unable to move her body under the restraints now fastening her to the medical bed, her waking thoughts appear fuzzy and her vision slightly blurred.

“Elizabeth,” her name is called from beside her. As she turns, she takes sight of Jessica on the bed next to her.

“Hey. How did we end up like this? The last I remember, I was taking a blood sample from you.”

“Fortunately I remember a little more than you. You seized the opportunity to make a break for it by trying to use Dr. Speel as a hostage. I mean, if I had some warning, I might have reacted differently. Elizabeth, your strength is amazing! It even surprised you!”

“Physically!? Well, I’m obviously not wonder woman; otherwise, I doubt we’d both be tied to these medical beds.”

“You should’ve seen the three security guards. You would’ve whipped their asses if Dr. Speel hadn’t injected you with a sedative.”

Before Elizabeth could respond, the door of the medical lab opens and Dr. Speel enters.

“Ah! Ms. Bannon, you’ve awoken,” Dr. Speel states as he moves towards her, taking a seat next to her bed. “Astonishing, I must say. I am marvelling at my own feat of engineering. The results I hadn’t anticipated. Don’t you wish to know more about what you’re becoming?”

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