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Friday: My story

Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series - Book 6 Opening Excerpt

I remember as a child, seated between my parents on the hard wooden pew. The church was always full, everyone showing that they were listening intently to the priest citing his damnations on the souls that did not repent. My eyes would wander around the wooden structure standing behind the altar, curious to know what lay beyond. My gaze would soon fall onto the fresh vases of flowers adorning the wide steps ascending to the pulpit that was often illuminated by the colourful reflection from the stained glass windows on the mornings the sun shone through. Soaking in the waft of incense was an enjoyment. Its smell, often strong, was invigorating to me, striking my nostrils, awakening something within me.

I would then feel my mother’s glare on me, her way of telling me silently to pay attention to the priest. My parents were never strict parents, supportive, I would call them; but when it came to Sunday service, their duty to be seen in the community as upstanding pillars was a must. I always believed that Sunday morning was that time of the week when certain people of the community would use it as a platform to showcase their positions. I would observe how they dressed, stood, sat and even communicated with one another. Heads held high, noses pointing upwards, with their bottom lips curled from the chin, as if each trying to be better than the next.

In God’s eyes, how many of them were hypocrites sitting before him? Were they even listening to what the priest said? As for God, well, my thoughts on a man living in the clouds, I just could not believe it, no matter how many Sunday services I went to. I am curious by nature, and I believed in order for something to exist, tangible evidence is necessary. Where is the physical proof for god to exist?

Of course, what made it worse for my parents was my usual response when neighbours and friends asked what I wished to do on leaving school. The answer was simple. A scientist, I would tell them, with a hint of a smile, and I would add by saying that I wanted to prove the existence of life. Needless to say, it did not wash well with my parents, and my mother would laugh it off as if to say, Elizabeth loves to joke, and would give me a stare to say that’s enough.

As it turned out, on finishing high school, my career steered me in the direction of becoming a psychiatrist with many years of academic study and clinical training to follow. I believed at the time that my attraction to this area of study was to understand the human mind, especially focusing on conditions like mental health.

During my studies, I met the man that would cause me to fall in love. I believe when it comes to romance, I fall in love rather too easily. Even after all these years, I believe I am still a little like that, although now, I can dismiss the notion more easily. That is not to say that Bradley Carney was not a loving man. He was a gentle, caring and most loving man I could ever have met at the time. Our initial dating was fun, and his sarcastic nature and witty sense of humour always had me laughing. A smile would be constantly planted on my face each time I met him. What a power he had to make me smile all the time! On finishing my final examinations, our relationship turned somewhat more serious, and shortly after, he proposed to me. At first, I thought it was a joke, knowing his sense of humour; but it was no joke. We married and were ready to spend our whole lives together.


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Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series

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