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My name is Dr. Elizabeth Bannon, a woman who should not exist in this world, but due to an unknown mutation of my genes by an engineered agent, I have become what Dr. Marvin Speel wanted the human race to evolve to. I will continue to record the true record of world events and prevent rogue agencies from intervening in what should be the natural evolution of the human race and of the world order.

The final book in the Dr. Elizabeth Bannon series will be published on Friday the 22nd of March 2019. The books in the series are easy, one sit reads and book 6, simply called “Friday: My Story” opens and closes with a private journal entry from Elizabeth. Over the coming weeks, samples from the final book will be posted.

Become familiar with characters of Elizabeth, Jacob, Abbot Fernando and more in the first five books in the novelette series by checking out the series home page.

Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series Home Page

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