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Coming up on five years following the publication of “Friday” in May 2014, that went on to become book one in the Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series, the journey for Elizabeth has come to an end. The final instalment of the novelette series, called “Friday: My Story” has now been sent for editing with a publication date announced shortly.

The story has come full circle and the character of Elizabeth Bannon, I believe has received a fitting end. For those that may not know, the original story, “Friday” had been written as a part of the monthly series on my website and was meant to be only a standalone story with an open end. However two years later in 2016 I resurrected the story and developed it into what became the Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series. With the development it saw the story grow and new characters introduced, most notably, Abbot Fernando of the Massomite Order of Monks and Dr. Jessica Sali.

The character of Elizabeth has certainly changed throughout the series, however instead of becoming a bitter woman whom she could certainly have become; I believe it is the character of Jacob that has helped her become the woman she is. It was not only through his love for her, Jacob opened her eyes to the positivity in life and in the situations they found themselves in. But most importantly Jacob was the door that connected her with the spirit of her dead husband (Bradley), a belief system that for her was non-existent.

Travel this journey with Elizabeth, a story that asks questions and makes you wonder – What If? It is a story of secret agencies, gene mutation, religion, science and spirituality.

Further information on the publication date will be announced in the coming weeks. For now, get familiar with the first five books in the novelette series by checking out the series home page.

Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series Home Page

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