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January 22, 2019

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A short post on the topic of editing and proofreading and the difference between the two. 



Proofreading often takes place at the end, prior to the manuscript being sent for publication.  It refers to the process of correcting superficial errors, like those of spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation and formatting.


Editing on the other hand, delves deeper into the manuscript and looks at how the information is presented and its main focus is to ensure that the content presented is easily understood by the reader and helps to ensure it is organised and more structured.  There are various different types of editing as follows:


Substantive Editing

This is also referred to as development editing and looks at the overall structure, organising and logical consistency of the manuscript.


Copy Editing

This is where grammar, style, repetition and jargon are looked at.



Minor errors like grammar, style, punctuation, spelling, etc are corrected.



The formatting will be looked at and this is more important for academic work to be produced for a specific journal.


References/Literature Cited

This checks that the bibliography is structured correctly following a specific style and again this is more for academic work or for specific publications or journals.


Getting your work edited and proofread is important and is a necessary step to the completion of your manuscript.


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