Writing a Novel - How to Start

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How do you write a novel?

Do you wake up one morning and decide I want to write a novel?

Is it something that has been burning inside you for years and you just do not know how to start?

Writing is a craft, a talent, an expression of thoughts and emotions communicated through characters and plots. Writing is a powerful art form often affecting people in many different ways. Different writers will offer different points of view, depending on their experiences and knowledge. There is no right or wrong way to write, yet there are certain criteria that should be taken note of to produce a piece of good literature. However certain criteria can be bent to suit your piece of literature and many writers write freely not being bound by such elements. Writing is art and art is an expression. To be a writer you must write! To know you are a writer is when the reader believes in what you have written, even when it is fiction.

The Spark – Idea

So where do you begin? Every piece of fiction begins somewhere. It might be a passing thought on sighting something or someone on the street, an overheard conversation, a natural event or just something that grabs the imagination. At the initial stage of the idea, the writer will not know how it will develop or in what direction it may go in. This is part of the process of writing fiction - creation and imagination. Remember where you go from the initial spark you are creating your project and you are in control of it from the language, the characters, style, etc.

In the beginning, let this idea rest in your thoughts. Let it begin to take shape naturally. Always have a notepad or your phone at the ready for thoughts, ideas, images, conversations and any observations. Go on to write fragments of what might be included in the opening. Characters will soon emerge. Take note of them, write about them. Who are they?

Writing a novel can be a long journey, requiring time, attention and dedication. It is important that the idea you have for your novel allows for expansion, creation of subplots, complex characters, fascinating themes, etc and the last thing you need is for your idea to run short. There are no set rules for developing ideas as every writer’s imagination is different.


1. Do not start writing immediately – allow yourself time for preparation and for the idea to evolve.

2. Establish the plan of the novel around your idea – Planning is important and can be creative. Define the characters, the environment, plotlines etc.

3. Research and develop your story further – add life to the scenes and characters.

4. Make an outline of the story – can be in through Point Format, Synopsis, Index Cards, Diagram Form etc.

Do not wait any longer - Start today!

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