Kingdom of Malaar - Episode 8

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Episode 8


Sira Galor, Malic Ward, Barton Malor, Lorenz Calis, Marget Galor,

with Soulep and Rubella

Fade In.


Barton Malor’s army is camped. Barton exits the main tent and walks towards Malic who is standing looking into the distance.


You have not taken your eyes off that hill since we arrived.


What is that place? I feel drawn to it.


That is the Hill of Tatum. A very ancient place where our early ancestors would offer sacrifices to the gods. The temple you see on top was built in the gods’ honour but over the years, beliefs in the deities diminished and the temple fell empty.


Barton, I am feeling compelled to go to it! I cannot explain it.

Barton stares at Malic momentarily and nods.


I already have scouts posted on the south of the hill just in case Sira had an ambush ready. This would be the place where she could have confronted us as we skirted the edge of Acale Forests. But there are no sightings of an ambush. She does not have the men for it. I see no harm in checking out the temple.

Malic smiles and mounts his horse, galloping off in the direction of the Hill of Tatum. Barton stares after him.

Malic rides his horse up the incline to the top of the Hill of Tatum and to the large stone temple, now slowly being retaken by nature. Malic moves towards the great stone arched doorway and steps through.


Descending a stone staircase, Malic enters the inner chamber of the temple. He moves towards the large stone altar, placing his hands on it. Sunlight filters in through the large and partially broken dome above the chamber. A hooded figure appears on the other side of the altar. Malic jumps backward, grabbing his sword.


There will be no need for your weapon my child. Do you remember me?


Yes! You are the woman from my dreams. The Goddess!


You can call me that. I made it known to you on my last visit that I am here as your protector and your guide. Your time has come Malic when you must accept your destiny and responsibility. A secret has been kept from you and the mortals that surround you at present will not tell you the truth, and even for them, there are events they are not knowledgeable of.


I do not understand!


Malic, I am about to tell you who you truly are and where you came from. Following the revelation, you are to return to your comrades and inform Barton Malor that you know the truth and start marching your armies directly to the royal palace in the capital city. Do you understand?


Yes, but what secret has been kept from me?

Rubella stares onto Malic and smiles gently.


I bestow onto you the gift of wisdom, strength of heart, decisiveness and to be courageous.

Rubella moves to Malic and places her hands on his shoulder. She smiles.

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This is the end of Season 1.

Season 2 will return in February 2019.

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