Kingdom of Malaar - Episode 6

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Episode 6


Sira Galor, Malic Ward, Barton Malor, Lorenz Calis, Marget Galor,

with Soulep and Rubella

Fade In.


Twenty Three Years Earlier

ALANA WARD (29) enters an open living space and sights MARGET GALOR (37) preparing food.


Here you are. I have been searching the palace over for you.


It’s the first Wednesday of the new month, remember it’s my turn to prepare the pie for this evening’s gathering.

Alana dips her finger into the mixture and tastes it.


It shall pass. (Laughs)


What has you in such a hurry to find me?


The queen wishes to speak with you urgently within the hour.

BARTON MALOR (31) AND MARCUS WARD (31) enter, chatting inaudibly and move towards the large table at the centre of the room and sit. Marget places her hand on Alana’s arm and whispers.


What does she want? I have found her to be acting very strangely around me of late.


I do not know but tell me all later. Make haste and find out.


What are you two whispering about?


Food talk for tonight. Nothing for you men to hurt your minds about.


I have enough worries on my hands with your brother.

Marget wipes her hands and moves towards the table.


Surely my brother is not more work than managing the whole royal army?


Perhaps if you made an honest man out of me, it might calm him. You know despite his dislike of me for getting the position of head of the armies over him, he is a man that just can’t rest. A soldier is a soldier. He longs for war.


We can thank the gods there are no more wars. King Siris has seen to that and we should all be grateful including Sebastian Galor that the nobles from the provinces are seated around the council chamber table.


My brother does not need defending nor will I defend him however he is still my brother and my protector. As for making an honest man out of you Barton Malor, perhaps you need to try a little harder in wooing me.

Marcus laughs.


A challenge, if I ever heard one.


Before this year is out, I shall have you as my bride.


(Smiles) It shall be an interesting year. I look forward to it with delight. Now if you will excuse me, the queen has requested my presence.

Marget touches Alana’s elbow before departing the room.

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