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The Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series is shortly coming to an end! Friday: Revelation is book 5, the penultimate book in the series and as the name suggests, it will reveal and answer what questions were raised throughout the first four books. This is a short story series so the joy of this is that each book can be read in one sitting.

When I look back it is hard to believe that this story developed from an initial storyboard project that started in November 2014, simply called Friday and its story and its main character, Elizabeth Bannon have developed over the years into a series. When all six books have been completed it will be of novel length and I am planning on putting all six books together into one book. Book 6 will be out early in 2019 and it’s currently in the planning phase.

So what can you expect from book 5? We can discover why the agency Project God Trials was set up and why they are working on the Azack Programme. We will discover the reason behind the development of the AZ417 serum along with the surprising role that Dr. Jessica Sali has to play in all of this. Additionally it will be reveal the connection Abbot Fernando has to with the work Project God Trials are working on.

The book will be published on Friday the 23rd of November following the pattern of having all the previous books published on a Friday! In the mean time discover more on the series from its homepage on the Ben Kesp website, along with sample reads and more information on the Massomite Order of Monks and Project God Trials/The Azack Programme. More info will be added in the coming weeks.

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