Kingdom of Malaar - Episode 5

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Episode 5


Sira Galor, Malic Ward, Barton Malor, Lorenz Calis, Marget Galor,

with Soulep and Rubella

Fade In.


Malic is wrapped in blankets and sleeping on the ground next to other sleeping soldiers. His eyes move rapidly under his eyelids. Malic is now standing in the centre of a cave, lowly illuminated. He is without weapons and only wearing leather trousers. A shadow appears before him.


Who is there? Show yourself?

The cloaked, hooded figure moves closer, removing the hood to reveal Rubella.


Who are you?


Malic, my dear boy. Do not fear me. I am Rubella, High Ducess of Wisdom. I have come to you in your dream.


Are you an angel?


You may think of me as your guide, your advisor and your protector. Along with my sister Soulep, High Ducess of War, we are gods from the people known as the Korninti. For reasons that I cannot reveal to you for now, but our world was overrun and we fled, finding ourselves here in the Kingdom of Malaar. We have witnessed many events during our time on this world but we are here to prepare the kingdom for what is to come.


What can I do? I am but a lowly rebel outlaw.


You are much more than that and soon your destiny will be revealed to you. For now, I wish you to know that I am watching over you and will come to visit you again soon but when I do, do not be afraid, as I will appear to you in your waking state.

Rubella slinks into the darkness of the cave and vanishes before Malic’s eyes. Malic opens his eyes and jumps upwards. Distant shouts bring his attention to Barton instructing a group of men. Malic rises and moves towards him. The group of men disperses and Barton turns in Malic’s direction.


Good morning sleeping beauty, you had a good sleep in. Are you ready for our journey ahead?

Barton laughs, nudging Malic.


I was totally out of it.

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