Project God Trials and the Azack Programme

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What is Project God Trials and who runs the Azack Programme?

Project God Trials

What is known so far is that Project God Trials is an agency headed up by Dr. Marvin Speel of Claremont Hospital. It was by accident that Dr. Elizabeth Bannon became suspicious of Dr. Speel while working under him at Claremont. Dr. Speel underestimated Elizabeth. She had one job to do and that was to assess the patient Jacob Fontain and have him committed for further psychiatric evaluation. Elizabeth refused as she began to believe there was more to his story. Dr. Speel had her therapy session recorded and on discovering the knowledge Jacob had transferred to her and of her private investigation to what might be going on at Quesser Creek, he had her removed from the hospital and her licence suspended from practicing medicine. She went on the run, determined to investigate further the happenings at Quesser Creek along with Jacob. She had one piece of information unknown to Dr. Speel, and that was the scribblings of Daniel Maywell, the former park warden from Quesser Creek who was found dead by Creek Lake.

The events that Jacob had predicted at Quesser Creek became a reality when the mysterious virus named H48-64 struck the town eradicating large portions of the population. While trapped inside the barricaded town, it soon became evident to Elizabeth that she was immune to the disease. How? A year earlier in a confrontation with Dr. Speel in his office at Claremont Hospital, she was injected with the AZ417 Serum – more on that below!

Project God Trials still hold many secrets. Elizabeth discovered that they are military based and operate from large under water bunkers or ships - the purpose of which is yet to be discovered. Nora Carson, a former colleague of Elizabeth’s from Claremont aided her investigation by providing information on the board members of Claremont Hospital. From the information, a man by the name of Jeffrey Gibbons stood out from the others. The rest of the board members were made up of two medical professionals from other local private hospitals, two business professionals from the Bonova city region, and a woman from the national media. Jeffrey Gibbons, aged forty-eight, had a medical background, but with the military who also sat on the Over Sight Military Review Committee and a small political party.

Azack Programme

Project God Trials has been established for one purpose and that is to run the Azack Programme to develop the AZ417 Serum in addition to population eradication. The Az417 serum is designed to re-engineer the DNA roadmap to create a new and stronger race of humans and Dr. Speel used patients from Claremont Hospital for testing. During confrontation Elizabeth had with Dr. Speel, he boldly risked injecting her with the AZ417 Serum. Elizabeth has now become very valuable to Project God Trials as to date she is the only human that has successfully bonded with the serum. Science has been able to alter the DNA roadmap for years with incredible results but the body would recognise the alien presence and turn on itself attacking the altered cells. Project God Trials successfully allowed for the altered cells to adapt to its new alien instruction. However until Project God Trials understand how it works successfully on Elizabeth they are unable to move forward. Unknown to the agency, another individual whose medical results originally instigated the development of the AZ417 serum is about to come on the playing field.

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