The Hidden Secret of the Massomite Order of Monks

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Since the 9th century, the Massomite Order of Monks has devoted its life to prayer and work in the monastery grounds situated high on the Siarc Mountain range. The Massomite monks are an enclosed order with their own rules and statutes. To the public they follow an eremitical life with the only exposure to the outside world is the shipment of their home brew of wine called Siarc Brew which was first produced in 1893. The monks are self contained producing what they require from their gardens. The monks dress includes a brown tunic with white hooded scapular and black mantle. The current abbot of the order is Abbot Fernando.

The main courtyard of the Siarc Monastery is dominated by the original monastery building dating from the 9th century. It extends upwards to four floors with a stone facade and small gothic style windows each surrounded with stone moulding. An ornamented bell tower rises upwards from the centre of the roof with its own corbelled tiled spiral roof. The other buildings of the square courtyard are of similar design of three floors with no bell towers. In the centre of the yard stands a tall bell tower with open arched doorways leading to a winding stone staircase. This tower includes six bells of different sizes in comparison to the four bells of the bell tower sitting on the main monastery building.

Who are the monks and what do they do? During the various different attacks on the monastery, Elizabeth Bannon did have her suspicions about the monk’s true training. Abbot Fernando later explained to her that they are an order that is trained in a combination of spiritual and military style learning. The monks are duty bound to the oath they take on initiation. It is a strict and obedient life of duty and values. A hierarchy exists within the Order, with Abbot Fernando as the spiritual leader. Information flow on the purpose of the Order is restricted as necessary to protect the secrecy of the organisation. It is unknown to the public whether the order falls under the jurisdiction of the Vatican or if it is a complete independent entity.

One could question Abbot Fernando’s actions in so easily opening up the monastery which had remained closed since the 9th century, first to Markus leader of the Order of the Secundo Aurora and later to Elizabeth and Jacob. His trust in Markus was mislead exposing to Markus, the existence of the secret carried by the monks since the 9th century. That secret is the library of manuscripts containing the true recordings of world events, the real history of mankind and not cover ups or biased written history records. In order to protect the existence of the library which world governments would want to be turned over, probably to be destroyed, the abbot has lied of its existence and in return opens the monastery to the public as a centre of learning to show the world he is hiding nothing. In the long history of the order since its foundation, it was under his charge that the order would have to change its long held practice. However, it does not prevent the order from carrying out their purpose of gathering information and recording. For now the library has been moved to a secure location away from beneath the monastery buildings.

But Abbot Fernando holds further secrets, secrets not pertaining to the order of monks but rather concerning him personally. What is his connection with Dr. Jessica Sali of the Arant Research Facility? Jessica was the first one to be called to carry out the initial inspection on Elizabeth’s blood and prepared an antidote for the H48-64 Virus that was unleashed on the population of Quesser Creek. What is the abbot’s connection to Elsa, the mysterious woman he sends for who is revealed as Jessica’s mother? There is no doubt, the abbot has a past that he wishes to remain hidden like the secret his order has been duty bound to keep. However despite his personal past which will soon be revealed to those around him, one can hardly question his ability to lead the monks through this difficult and unsure phase of their existence.

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