Doorway Part VII - Weekly Serial

Doorway Part VII – Weekly Serial

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Jenny is unsure of her next move. Taken aback by not seeing her husband, her thoughts scramble for the next course of action. Inhaling, she slowly controls her breathing allowing rational thinking to return. He awoke and is in the castle, perhaps downstairs - she informs herself, turning to see Catherine entering the bedroom, her face now revealing the surprise on seeing the empty bed.

“I am not liking this Jenny.”

Jenny holds her stare on Catherine. “You mentioned to me earlier in the garden, what makes this situation any different from what we have worked on before?”

“I have never encountered a spirit so intent on inflicting harm. The energy is harsh and she has blocked me at every turn in trying to connect with her.”

“Catherine, I need your support. Please, do not make me fear what is happening. You connected with it before! Please can you try again?”

“I created a doorway through Jan’s mind but now Jan is no longer in his trance. I do caution Jenny, take care when we encounter him.”

“Jan will not hurt me,” replying curtly as she knows her husband is not capable of such an act despite allowing Catherine’s words to sink in through her thoughts that he may not be acting on his own impulses. Her body is alerted to a shadow at the door.

“I will not hurt you Jenny,” Jan’s voice coldly sounds from the doorway. Jenny places her eyes on his.

“Jenny,” Catherine cautions.

Ignoring Catherine, Jenny moves towards her husband.

“Jan. My love, what happened?” her voice soft, placing her hands on either side of his face.

“That woman does not belong in our home Jenny. Why did you bring her here?”

“It’s okay Jan, she is a friend. You can trust her.”

“She is not to be trusted.”

“Look at me. Please, Jan!”

Jenny and Jan’s eyes lock.

“Do you love me?”

Jenny’s clearly stands before me and yet her image, her questions do not interest me. I do not understand. It is like a veil exists between us. She is there but not at the same time. My interest is with the woman behind her. I do not even recognise her but I dislike her. Why do I distrust her? She must be removed from the castle. An uncontrollable anger boils within me. Jenny’s voice grows louder. Why does she not hear me? I love you Jenny.

Catherine places her hands on Jenny’s arm.

“Jenny, continue talking with your husband. Let your voice get through to him. He needs to break from the hold of spirit’s energy residing within.”

Jenny takes Jan by the arm and leads him to the bed.

“Please sit with me. I understand it all now. I know what happened to your father. Jan do you hear me?”

“Tell him about his father,” Catherine urges. “You are doing well Jenny. Keep talking to him,” Catherine’s voice softly intercepts the conversation as she begins scanning the journal taken from the attic room.

“Your father loved you very much. So much Jan that he sacrificed his life to protect you from something that rested within the castle. This castle once belonged to the McNamara clan and a lady by the name of Maeve lived here and died many many years ago.”

“She continues to live on here in the spirit world and over the centuries she has selected various occupiers to guard and protect her home as she once did while she was alive,” Catherine interjects reading from the pages. “When she was alive she had been married four times and each of her husbands’ found his demise in a different way. None of the marriages were out of love but for political or profitable gain. Keep talking to him Jenny.”

Jenny squeezes her husband’s hand.

“This spirit now wishes for you to take your father’s place, to protect her and this castle. I am very sorry that I brought you back here. We should have stayed in Germany but I insisted. Why did I do so? Your parents lived with the torment of this all their lives until it killed them. I cannot let that happen to you,” she softly states reaching in and kissing his lips.

“Jenny, do not blame yourself for any of this, you were not to know,” Jan answers, a tear escaping his left eye. He exhales. “You can hear me as me?”

“Of course!” Jenny embraces him.

Jenny and Jan’s eyes lock. “You know she will not let me leave the castle.”

“What do you mean Jan?”

“No one that she has chosen has ever left the castle.”

Jan squeezes both of Jenny’s hands.

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