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Her eyes drew me in. The silence is dominating until eventually, she breaks it. The strange woman sitting before me ensures I know who is in charge.

“I am Lady Maeve of the McNamara clan, rulers of this land and occupiers of this castle. I knew your father. Oh, what a mighty strong prince he was in a long line of princes before him. Do you remember me, my sweet prince? I used to visit you each night when you first arrived at my home until your father stood by my side and promised to protect me and my castle all for love, for the love of his son.”

“What.. are you talking about? How is this possible? How am I seeing you?”

I forget myself, stepping into the room which is from a time alien to me. Maeve now stands.

“My dear prince, do not upset yourself with such simple questions. You have been chosen to protect me and my castle as have a long line of men before you.”

I must be dreaming and now it strikes me. Everything had seemed familiar and yet there was something missing. “Who do you need protecting from,” the question springs from my mouth before I know what I am saying.

“From many people. Over the years, the dangers have quietened however there is a threat in this castle right now.”

“What is the threat?”

“It stands not too far from me,” Maeve answers placing her eyes to the centre of the room. “And she is in the company of your wife.”


“I cannot say that I can protect Jenny, but you must carry out your duty and watch over me and this castle. It is the tradition. Your father gave his life to me so to protect you. I had never wanted him. You were the one I had my eyes on.”

The words flow over my thoughts, overwhelming me. The woman standing before me must have been responsible for all the happenings this last year since arriving home. The headaches, the visions, the dreams and just the strange occurrences that made me believe I was losing my mind. She has a hold on me like she did with my father. My mother’s image jumps in front of my thoughts. Had she known of the situation?

“What if I don’t decide to protect you and your castle?”

Lady Maeve steps into the centre of the room and raises her hand level with her own face and begins to make curling gestures in the air.

“Reflect on what you think, as it might already be too late,” she answers blowing into her raised hand.


Jenny jumps.

“What is it?”

“Something just touched my hair!” she replies sharply stepping to one side, shaking her head to remove an invisible object.

Catherine’s oval eyes scan the room and steps towards where Jenny had been standing.

“This is her room. She has just made herself be known to us.” Catherine places her hand in front of her. “Do you notice the temperature drop? Quickly we must find out what we can from the notes. I need to know her name.”

Jenny nods, returning to the large desk more cautiously to continue rummaging through the notebooks of Jan’s father.

“There are so many journals, scribbles, diaries, we will never get through it all,” Jenny resigns herself to the chair ignoring the years of dust covering its fabric.

“You will know it. If this female energy does belong to a former inhabitant of the castle he would have dedicated a specific journal or book to her. It would be different from the rest,” Catherine states, pausing and placing her eyes around the room until they rest on the bookcases. “Also consider that Jan’s father would have placed it someplace where it would be found, probably on its own which would make it stand out to Jan.”

“So Jan would be curious to read it,” Jenny adds joining Catherine on surveying the room.

She had not noticed the cold before. It clung to her, wrapping around her limbs. She embraces her body for warmth. Ignoring she pushes forward with her task. The books resting on the bookshelves in front of her were not in order, too much chaos for anything to stand out. Jenny’s eyes catch the desk. Reaching for the drawers she yanks them open one by one until the bottom drawer reveals only a single black leather bound book inside. Her eyes meet with Catherine’s. Jenny removes the book placing it on the desk and lifts the cover to reveal a hand written note.

Dear Jan,

The instant you read this note, take this book and leave the castle. Within these walls lives an entity called Lady Maeve who died in 1683. She has fought furiously to take my body as a host to protect her castle as she has done with many individuals before. I have locked myself within these walls to keep her captive and to prevent me from harming you but I no longer have the will to fight. I fear that you might not have the strength that I had unless you have a reason so strong to fight for. Read all that I have written carefully.

Your loving father.

Jenny closes the book.

“We need to leave at once,” Catherine instructs taking the book from Jenny. “These words tell us enough and so does my sense of this female energy that surrounds us.”

Jenny places her hand on Catherine’s arm.

“Jan!” Jenny does not wait for a response from Catherine and exits the room only with her husband on her thoughts. She reaches her bedroom door and pushes it inwards, her eyes falling onto the empty bed.

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