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Stopping on the landing leading to the attic door, Jenny places the sledge hammer against the wall.

“What’s wrong,” Catherine breaks the silence.

“I need to see Jan before I do this.”

“Go to him. When you are ready, we can continue. I will survey this level of the castle.”

Jenny retreats down the stone staircase stopping outside her bedroom. Slowly stepping through the door she moves towards her husband lying on the bed before her. Sitting next to him, she takes his hand in hers, kissing it.

“Forgive me for what I am about to do. I know the past frightens you. It is something you wish to escape from and your father’s room even more so, but I must tear down the door that you wish remained sealed forever.”

He looks so peaceful to her. Kissing his hand again she leans in and places a kiss on his lips. A tear escapes her right eye, warm against her cheek.

“You are my life, my love, my hope. When you open your eyes, I will be here waiting for you.”

Standing Jenny moves to the door before placing one more look on her husband. Turning she climbs to the top floor of the castle to join Catherine.


I do not understand what just happened. The voice of the strange woman in my ear was so real. I still hear its echo calling me to go with her and Jenny was there. Jenny! I sit up realising I am on the floor of the main reception of the castle. The conjured images of her face and the sounds of her horrifying scream heighten my senses. Standing I search about me. I am on edge. Something is not right. I am not sure what it is. Everything seems in its place. This is my home, the castle I grew up in. The image of the door on the top floor places itself in front of my thoughts. I can see it perfectly. Anger rises through my body overwhelming my senses that I cannot control.

My legs kick into action moving towards the kitchen and to the back pantry of the castle. Searching through my tools, I place my hands on the handle of the sledgehammer. I recognise it but the determination to use it, I do not. My body pulls me out of the kitchen and through the main castle reception area and up the stone stair case until I am standing on the hallway leading to the old arched doorway of my father’s room. Placing my eyes on the sledgehammer in my hand, I know what I must do. The door must be opened. Gravitating towards the door, I place my first blow directly into the middle of the door splintering the old wood.


Jenny lifts the sledgehammer a third time, placing her blow to the side the gaping hole she has created in the arched wooden door. The sun filters in through the broken door and onto the wooden floorboards of the hallway. She lifts the sledgehammer again, repeatedly until she has removed all the wood from top to bottom. Throwing the tool of destruction to one side, her arms and face are hot from the exertion. A hand on her arm and Catherine comes into her view. Her smile reassures her. Stepping through the door, Jenny enters the attic room revealing walls covered in book selves¸ a table rests under the only small window in the whole room and a desk sits dominantly in the centre of the floor littered with paperwork. Jenny’s eyes catche sight of a small stool knocked on its side. The moment hits her and she moves her eyes upwards to the beams overhead.


Removing the last of the wood from the door, the room slowly illuminates with two lowly slit wall lanterns old in style. The ceiling reveals itself to me first, round with wooden beams. Lowering my eyes, the figure appears stunning me and rooting me to the floor. Sitting in the bared walled empty room on a wooden high back chair is an elegant lady, with mesmerising dark eyes, complimented with long raven hair shrouding her shoulders, falling onto the arms of the chair. Her dress catches my attention and strikes fear in my thoughts.

“Who are you?” I managed to mumble the words through my lips.

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