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The cold liquid touches her lips and she recoils from the taste. She had lost count of how long she had been standing by the kitchen sink staring outward vacantly onto the lush green lawn. Reaching for the black kettle she switches the power to brew a new cup. The past year has been the strangest she has ever experienced. She should never have ignored her intuition for so long. Jan had needed her and she let him down. She is his wife, his friend and lover. Even though he never spoke to her of his inner thoughts, Jenny knew something was eating him inside. Flashes remind her of Jan’s father. There are similarities.

The kettle shuts off rocking under the boiling water, the steam moving onto the window momentarily casting a film over her view of the lawn. Making a new cup of tea she returns her attention to the green shades of colour before her. Resting her eyes momentarily on Catherine, an acquaintance she got to know over the years she never imagined she would be in her home. Jan never knew of her and that is how Jenny wants it. But following last night when Jan fell into a trance state, she had no choice but to call on Catherine. She trusts her expertise. Her thoughts turn to her husband lying blankly upstairs in their bedroom, a room full of life and love and now it scares her to think about what might have taken control of his mind. She needs to know more.

Jenny exits the back entrance of the kitchen and moves towards the bench where Catherine is seated. She joins her and their eyes meet. Catherine’s smile reassures her. They sit in silence.

“You are unsure what to ask?” Catherine breaks the moment.

“It’s not that I don’t know what to ask, it’s more that I am afraid to know what you will say,” she replies returning her attention to Catherine.

“You know how all of this works.”


“So why are you scared? You have worked on cases with me before.”

“But none like this.”

“Yes, granted, I must admit this is a difficult one and it is your husband,” Catherine answers, narrowing her oval shaped eyes, a habit she had developed since her teenage years. “But I need to know more Jenny. You called me last night and there is more you are not telling me. If you believed this is a medical situation, I would not be sitting here and Jan would be in the hospital.”

Standing, Jenny paces a few steps in front of the bench.

“It all started to happen about one year ago on our return. When Jan’s father died three years ago, we left Ireland and lived in Germany until our return just under twelve months ago,” Jenny pauses taking a sip of tea.

“Go on. I am here to help,” Catherine reassures her.

“It is the castle I believe that has a hold on Jan. I also believe from what I have heard and from what Jan has indirectly told me, that it too had a hold on his father. When Jan was seven years old, his father locked himself up in the attic room and there is where he remained, rarely venturing out, except for eating and sometimes to sleep with his wife. The castle eventually sucked the life out of him until he could take it no more.”

“What happened to him?”

“He took his own life and Jan locked the room and never entered it. To this day he has never been in that room.”

“How terrible! What did he do up in the attic over all of the years?”

“No one knows,” Jenny replies returning and sitting next to Catherine. “I need your help, Catherine. I need you to save my husband and return him to me. I want to know what you saw when you tried to connect with his mind. You mentioned he was not alone.”

Straightening herself, Catherine takes hold of Jenny’s right hand in hers.

“We have much to do. Firstly we need to find out about the history of the castle and to gain entry into the attic room to explore further.”

“The history of the castle I can help with as I already have carried out much research. But I want to know what you sense from the castle?”

“This is a fortified building of stone and it is built to withstand attack. There are many residual layers of energy stemming from over the centuries. It has a very strong, heavy and harsh energy and I would say a dominant female energy but it’s elusive and I’ll be honest I cannot tell much more than that. When I made a connection to Jan’s mind, I sensed there was a presence with him. What I saw was you, Jenny.”


“I am not sure if Jan has created an image of you for some unknown reason, possibly to comfort him through this ordeal, however, if it is an entity with him, it is hiding in your disguise.”

Standing, Jenny faces the castle before returning her gaze on to her woman before her.

“We have little time. My husband’s health is at risk if he remains in this state. Please, we must return to him.”

Jenny briskly moves towards the castle, with Catherine following. Her thoughts are of her husband, nothing else matters now.

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