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Do you like to write?

Would you like to discover different Character Types?

Do you wish to build a character from the beginning?

Then this unit will help you to understand character roles and in how to build a character and what to consider. Ignite new fires of passion for the craft of writing. It will get you started on your road to growing your writing talent. This award will focus on the foundation of Character Development and explore the different Character Roles.

Study Units

  • Unit 1: Discussing Character Types

  • Unit 2: Creating a Character

How this award works

You can choose between live online classes, classroom learning or self study options. The award will explore three topics with practical exercises associated with each one. Should you choose a self study option, there is no time limit on how long it takes you do complete the award. On completion of the award, there is an assignment to be completed which is then sent to the Ben Kesp Academy. The assignment is read and feedback will be provided along with your Award Certificate for the award showing your understanding of each of the topics.

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Ben Kesp Academy was set up in 2016 with the aim of helping people to find their own voice through creativity. Writing like many other forms is a powerful tool for expression and communication. Life can often get in the way and over a period of time, we suddenly look for something that gives us meaning. Our life should consist of many pillars, each one making us up as an individual. Discovering our passions can enlighten us, awakening a new sense of awareness within us and helps us to reach new heights of discovery and potential we never imagined before. With this comes a new energy and zest for life. We all have natural talents and with work and practice, these can be honed and developed and used in all aspects of our life providing more meaning in what we do.

Check out the Ben Kesp Academy for more!

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