New Year! Get Creative!

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Awakening Your Passions

Welcome 2018 and with the onset of the New Year, it brings all new positive vibes and thinking. What are the things you wish to achieve this year? What are your passions that have been lying dormant within you for so long? Perhaps this is the year to begin the release, open them up and fly. Release the shackles, soar high and experience the freedom of living your passions and dreams. For everyone it will be different but each of us carries within that little something we wish to do but just cannot get around to doing it – perhaps out of not having time, money or worse – fear. Fear is a powerful emotion and can act out in many different ways. Fear can cause anxiety, turning to anger and defensive approach.

Listen to the inner whispers, the inner flutters of sounds – conjuring images of our true purpose – giving meaning to our life

Why not begin 2018 by developing some of your creative passions. Creativity takes numerous forms and what it does, is allows for an inner release and we give a part of ourselves to a new creation. Do not fear and do not place obstacles in your way but stand firm pushing away any negative thoughts and emotions allowing your creativity to come forth.

We can create many wonderful things, whether for our interest, our passion or as a career. For those that are already creative, push the boundaries and expand, grow into something new during 2018. Our minds, our imaginations are limitless – do not put ceilings in place.

I would like to wish you an excellent and creative start to 2018. Let’s all get creative and feel that inner sense of accomplishment, peace and satisfaction.


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