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Ben Kesp Academy

Are you looking to discover more on your inner creative passions?

Do you have a calling to write but are not sure how to start?

The Ben Kesp Academy is about helping people - giving everyone a voice to express, communicate and expand the imagination to limitless possibilities. The Academy can help to develop meaning, satisfaction and to unify the physical and spiritual through creativity, creating the freedom to fly with no restrictions or shackles. Discover your dormant passions and ignite new fires.

Practical – Inspiring – Focussed Learning – this is the motto of the Ben Kesp Academy. Writing a short story or a novel might seem daunting. Where do you start? How do you go about it? The Ben Kesp Academy can help you find that inner voice to express, create, build characters, environments and develop a great story with interesting plots.

The Ben Kesp Academy currently offers workshops on:

  1. Passion for Writing

  2. Character Development in Writing

Two new workshops will be added shortly focussing on:

  1. How to Publish an E-Book

  2. How to Write a Novel

What if you are already familiar with the writing scene, however are not sure how to go about publishing or even expand your writing into a business? The Author’s Programme will give you the practical knowledge necessary as it is broken into the following areas:

  1. Level 1 – The Writing Guide

  2. Level 2 – Publishing Preparation

  3. Level 3 – Writing as a Business

All three levels are examined through project work and an exam which are certified by the Ben Kesp Academy and Birchwater Education Institute.

Delivery of workshops and the Author Programme takes place through live online classes or face to face at Limerick City. For more on what the Ben Kesp Academy offers, check out its homepage or if you have any questions please make contact through the Ben Kesp Website.

Discover more on Ben Kesp, author and writer on the Ben Kesp Website.

Discover more on Ben Kesp’s e-books on the Ben Kesp Website.

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