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New novel update post to let you know that "The Portrait of Isabella Simmons" has been sent to my proof reader/editor. I have mentioned in an earlier post that this book has been challenging and yet very enjoyable. It is character driven and I employ different techniques and styles to enhance the telling of the story. Additionally due to the nature of the two main characters, especially Francesco Romano, the Italian artist, aged seventy nine and crippled with arthritis, this has proved challenging to get inside his head and body. His physical inabilities had to be overcome in order for him to investigate his host, Johanna Cahill and attempt his escape from being under what he believes to be house arrest.

Journal entries have been used to explore the life of Francesco and are a good technique to use when informing the reader of a character’s back story. This can make for interesting reading as it’s written from the point of view of the character and not the narrator of the story. I also made use of photographs throughout the novel as a tool in helping Francesco with his investigation.

Johanna Cahill, the primary protagonist has additionally been challenging. From her strong disciplined state of mind, her emotional breakdown and to how she planned her murders. I found it very informative, discovering multiple different ways one can murder someone, whether it is silently, quickly or slowly. The importance and power of research is a key element with all character and story development.

As an author the joy of character development is really getting inside the head of the character to understand the thought process. Johanna proved interesting and in understanding how she thinks. As an author for her character I needed to take calculated risks with her decision making to fit in with her plans of deception.

I will keep you posted on the progression of the novel and update with further information on the characters of Johanna and Francesco. Until next time, take care.

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