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What pulls you into a story? Is it the gripping story line? An interesting character that you love or even hate and are eager to discover what will happen to them? Or is it the combination of both?

I have written a post previously on Character Development and the importance of building a strong character within the story. Establish where the character is at present when the reader is first introduced to them. Where is the character after coming from? What are the back stories and the impact the past has on the character’s present situation? What is the personal journey the character goes on throughout the book? We all grow and evolve over time. Personal development, life lessons, emotional and spiritual growth should happen to make the character a fully rounded individual. Based on the type of story you write, it does not necessarily mean that the character’s growth will be positive. It can also be negative even to change the character and their outlook in life.

The characters I have chosen to write and develop throughout my books spring from various different back grounds and time periods.

Susanna Westby the protagonist from the Landed Estate Novel is a fully developed character. Novel writing allows for detail and Susanna has a rich family background with a full family tree. She was born in England on the 16th April 1760, daughter of Captain Robert Villiers and Anne Harrington. In 1765 she moved to Ireland with her two brothers Sam and Victor following the granting of Castlefort House and estate to her father Captain Robert Villiers. Susanna’s outlook changes and matures over her life, perhaps shaped by the circumstances and situations she has found herself in. She is very fair but not without flaw. Her dark side creeps out depending on the crises and situations she finds herself in. Discover more on Susanna Westby’s character, personality and background on Landed Estate Home Page.

Dr. Elizabeth Bannon leads the short story series – Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series as the esteemed psychiatrist working at Claremont, a private psychiatric hospital. Following the death of her husband in 2002 from a skiing accident, Elizabeth devotes her life to her medical career. When a patient is sent to her for assessment in 2014 she has an awakening, perhaps even a spiritual awakening where she begins to question what meaning her medical career has in her life. Despite her medical training she is an open minded person, analytical and observant. Her future destiny is unknown once she sets on the trail of discovering the existence of a secret agency involved in DNA manipulation and population control, leaving her character open for further growth. Read more on Dr. Elizabeth’s character and background on the Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series Home Page.

Mags Rose shines in the short story, The Witch of Ballyvale standing between a power struggle of individualism and norms of following society. Very little is known of Mags Rose’s early life, in fact her true name is unknown. The life she is only familiar with is living with her adopted mother Heather Rose at Ballyvale, a small village situated in a valley, sheltered by the sand dunes of Ballyvale beach facing the Atlantic Ocean. Strength lies in her core, rising when she needs it like a protective shield around her emotional state. She is a character with a gentle nature, grounded and balanced. Discover more detail on her personality and struggles on The Witch of Ballyvale Home Page.

Paul Arient discovers life and new beliefs in the short story, The Letter and suddenly his life is not what he once thought. With a quiet nature, his curiosity is wild, pushing him forward to learn and discover new things. His life is thrown into an adventure, awakening a new sense of being that has lain dormant within him. He questions his strength and the responsibility that he now carries leaving his character open for further growth in a future he is not familiar with. Discover more detail on Paul Arient on The Letter Home Page.

Screenplays: Discover the lives of the crew of the Verouise II, Earth’s Flag Space Ship, as they flee earth in search of allies to win back their home in Sector 2 or the lives of the executive management team working for the Lavin Group in The Firm.

New characters coming soon will be from my new novel called The Portrait of Isabella Simmons. Johanna Cahill and Francesco Romano lead the way in this new mystery/crime novel.

I love developing characters. My attraction is to live through their lives, trying to understand how they would react in different situations drawing from my own life experiences. There is always a part of me in each of my characters associating me with their lives. Read and discover some of my characters, enjoying the stories they find themselves in.

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