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Just a short thought this morning on narratives. A narrative is the telling of a story and there are many types of literature that are considered narratives, like novels, screenplays, folk stories, short stories, and poetry. Different narrative techniques can be used to help the reader use the imagination to visualise characters and scenes. In my latest novel that I am currently working on called “The Portrait of Isabella Simmons”, I use a number of techniques to tell the story from the point of view of the two main characters.

The following are some examples of narrative techniques in different writing styles and in plot:

Imagery creates visuals for the reader that appeals to the senses and can often include figurative language. It is important to create vivid imagery to bring the reader into the scene.

Hyperbole is when something is over exaggerated to make a point. The exaggeration is not meant in the literal sense but is meant to help the reader understand the reality of the moment.

Back Story is used when the author feels it is important for the reader to know something that has happened prior to the current situation described in the narrative. Readers very often do not experience the event, so the narrator informs of the back story. A back story can be revealed gradually over time enhancing the story and character involved.

Flashback is used when the narrator or the main character takes the story back in time, and the events go back and forth between the past and the present. This can be a fun and interesting technique but do be careful with dates and timings – keep a log.

Flash-forward is seen when the author brings the reader into the future. This might be something experienced by the character or it could be future event in the story itself.

Try putting some of these into action when writing your next story or experimenting with different writing styles.

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