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There are moments when we must allow our imagination to explore its limitless expanse. Writers can easily get caught up in the same style of writing or genre, creating a safe environment to work in. Every so often writers should push the boundaries, experimenting in new writing styles. Flash fiction or short story writing is an adventurous way of trying this.

Following are three story titles and three story openings that can help get the creative juices flowing. Try as many of the six options as you like and let your imagination build new creations. Have fun!

Short Story/Flash Fiction Titles:

  1. Distant Sounds

  2. Lost Soul

  3. Then There Was None

Short Story/Flash Fiction Openings:

  1. Resting his eyes on her naked body enveloped in the afternoon sun…..

  2. Blinking flashes of light disturb the darkness of the night…….

  3. The plasma ball enlarges on the screen hurtling towards his damaged ship……

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