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The pilot episode of Sector 2, a science fiction/fantasy screenplay which was written between 2001 and 2007, was published in February 2017. The full series consists of 30 episodes of fifty minute duration.

Planet Earth’s first encounter with an alien race was with the Carnarians, a peaceful telepathic race of humanoids who lived on a planet known as Osorus. Earth’s Military United Defence Agency (EMUD) and United Space Travellers of Earth Agency (USTE) formed an alliance with the Carnarian people, developing trade and human relations. Earth’s Space Agency grid mapped the space surrounding its galaxy encompassing the Carnarian home world of Osorus, naming it Sector 1.

The new era that dawned for Earth was short lived following the arrival of an aggressive race called the Mirons from an unknown destination who targeted and destroyed the majority of the Carnarian race, leading to a peace agreement being established between Earth and the Mirons. The agreement spared the inhabitants of Osorus and Earth; however, the Mirons monitored all activity on both worlds.

Earth’s governments did not heed warnings from the Mirons and continued to push the boundaries of space explorations and build outposts at the very reaches of Sector 1. Thirty-nine years after the initial peace agreement, a great battle took place between Earth and the Mirons who attacked with cause, obliterating Earth’s defence systems. This battle became known as The Fall. During the onslaught of battle, a small group of people comprising military officers from EMUD and USTE along with civilians escaped with Earth’s newest flag ship called Verouise II. They fled beyond known charted space of Sector 1 into an unknown galaxy which they mapped with its new inhabitants as Sector 2.

The script revolves around the crew of Verouise II and the continuous struggle and conflict to form alliances with alien races in an attempt to return to Earth and battle the Mirons for Sector 1, or establish a new home within Sector 2, keeping Earth’s achievements, history and culture alive. The pilot episode opens two years following the crew’s first escape from Sector 1, establishing the back stories for the episodes that follow.

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