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The power of writing is an expression we have heard many times but let’s consider it in further detail and how it can be an important aspect in our lives. Writing is and always has been a powerful form of communication - a release from within. If you cannot communicate easily or find you are in a situation/event so dark it has clouded all clarity, burying you in a bottomless pit, the pen can help in showing you a way out.

A blank page waits before you for your thoughts, emotions and ideas to flow outwards allowing for a sense of relief. Depressive thoughts can pull down the most powerful of minds, heavy, blocking out all light, and quenching the spark of life. We can often find ourselves in a situation where we are unable to speak not knowing where to begin. Writing can be a powerful tool, a way out, an opening of a doorway, in that dark pit allowing the light of positive thought to break through.

Be it in poetry, stories, our thoughts, it is a powerful art of expression portraying hidden messages and internal conflicts realising indirectly for all to read. Like prayer, writing can be calming, helping to bring clarity, healing, direction and a medium to express our inner thoughts, conflicts, emotions and fears. In order to move forward from our current situation, we must first acknowledge and understand; forgive and to love.

When there are moments so trying, we cannot see which way to turn, let us not forget to use this method of communication. We are more powerful than we might believe. Write and use this amazing form of expression. Release, grow, and ignite new life within.

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