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To sit down and write a novel can be a long and daunting task, requiring time, attention and dedication. I want to briefly mention it is important that the idea you have for your novel allows for expansion, creation of subplots, complex character and fascinating themes. The last thing you need is for your idea to run short and yes it has happened to me. An idea you believe to be great, can run out of road and lose its momentum. There are no set rules for developing ideas as every writer’s imagination is different, however the more you allow your mind to open to endless possibilities without restrictions, then you can achieve great things.


1. If you have a great idea, then don't start writing immediately – allow time for preparation and for the idea to evolve.

2. Establish the plan of the novel around your idea. I believe this one is important, however again it’s a personal choice. Planning is important and you can make it creative. Define the characters, the environment, plotlines etc. You may even discover new subplots!

3. Research and develop your story. I am a strong believer in researching, no matter the genre. This will add depth to the story and bring life to the scenes and characters.

4. Make an outline of the story. This does not need to be detailed notes, however again it is a personal choice. You can be creative here, outlining the story through Point Format, Synopsis, Index Cards, Diagram Form etc. Have fun with it!

These are some examples on how to develop ideas for your novels. Additionally it helps to ensure you have a good story that can be developed with interesting and strong story lines, good scenes and characters. It will also assist you in areas where you need to focus on researching. Remember to open your thoughts and imagination to truly release what is inside you.

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