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Ben Kesp Academy

The Ben Kesp Academy will re launch its workshops this autumn to include new topics and for the first time offer an online option for participants. Workshops are interactive with practice, questions, teaching and discussion. Current workshops on offer include:

  1. Passion for Writing

The interactive workshop will focus on allowing the participant to develop and release the passion inside to write, igniting the creative spark to develop their own personal style. Writing should come from within, an expression of thought telegraphed onto the page for the reader. Topics will explore creating vivid Imagery to place the reader within the story; Emotional Writing will connect the writing with the reader and help identify with the characters; Setting an Environment/Scene will assist in developing a realistic setting for characters to interact.

  1. Character Development

With the main focus on Character Development, the workshop will also explore different Character Roles and additionally will assist in creating a Scene Setting in which the character (s) will occupy and bring the reader into the story.

Join the workshops and meet others in exploring different parts of the creative process. Workshops run regularly and interested participants can view the schedule on the Ben Kesp Academy home page.

Discover more on Ben Kesp, author and writer on the Ben Kesp Website.

Discover more on Ben Kesp’s e-books on the Ben Kesp Website.

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