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The final part of the Landed Estate Novel sees the introduction of two new characters with both having a major part to play within the story line. These are two likeable characters however both quite different. Harriet Westby represents the ruling class in Ireland, while Edgar Evans represents the working/common class. Opposite lives, yet both attracted to each other, not for their status, but through love.

Edgar, the young journalist from Riverdale city, aspires to be a writer, and believes that writing a story on the death of Earl Southwell and investigating all the unanswered questions surrounding his death will jump start his career. On journeying to Point Pleasant to find out more on the Westby family, he has not expected to meet with Harriet Westby, granddaughter of Susanna Westby. Harriet interests him, her beauty, her zest for life and innocence of the world around her having been sheltered on Point Pleasant in contrast with his raw experiences of life roaming the streets of Riverdale in search of news and feature articles.

It can be seen that perhaps Edgar and Harriet are not equal in this sense, and yet, Edgar treats Harriet with respect, while protecting her from her own family’s misdeeds. He plays a protector’s role with her out of love, perhaps something that Susanna and her father Sebastian Westby do not see. They fear his intent, when in fact he cares for her deeply. He debates many times his feelings for Harriet and if there ever could be a relationship between them due to their social backgrounds. It is a dilemma they both face, and as story progresses, it’s obvious that Harriet grows, experiences, and understands many new things allowing her character to grow. She is unsure whether her life is on Point Pleasant, being heiress to the estate, or whether she should follow her heart and travel with Edgar to Riverdale to begin a new life. However, it is a life she is not familiar with, and even Edgar debates if he is right to ask her to leave her chosen path.

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