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I wish to send everyone a very warm welcome to my new blog called Kesp Writing. This blog will be more focused and contain all information in one central place concerning my writings, characters, story research, books, excerpts, writing process, and struggles. Additionally, I will provide writing guidance and tips when I can.

The Literature and Culture Corner Blog will continue and is still open to contributors who wish to share articles on history, culture, mythology or take part in the Mondays Book Talk (Book discussions/reviews) with submissions for season 6 now open. The blog will celebrate its fifth year in October and will be more focused on sharing content relating to history, mythology and literature, concerning Mondays Book Talk, guest posts on various authors or guest authors own book excerpts and interviews.

I invite you to join me on my writing journey as I build new characters and stories while also revisiting existing books and characters. As always suggestions and comments are welcome. Thank you.

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