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Secrets is a selected English Reader for students studying at Birchwater Education.

Secrets is Part 1 of the Landed Estate Novel and can be read as a stand-alone book.


Landed Estate - Secrets – Good Reads (3.5 Stars)

Reviewed by Lynda

The arranged marriage of Susanna Villiers and Eyre Westby benefited both families and shielded a secretive deal unknown to most. Eyre’s unexpected death and Susanna’s grief was ripe for a take-over of Susanna’s properties and rights by her brother. Cold, calculating Sam Villiers bombarded his sister with such force and devious assaults Susanna had to find the strength and courage to match Sam’s aggressive stance.  This historical romance set in Ireland was nicely written with believable characters, a good pace and the right amount of details to hold my interest. The strain within the family and the emotional rollercoaster ride of the main female character created a connection, the frustration and pain telegraphed through the pages. 

Landed Estate - Secrets – Smashwords(4 Stars)

Reviewed by Moira Cross

A riveting story from beginning to end. As a non-Irish reader, I could visualise the beautiful and lush Irish landscape which is presented so vividly. The plot is fast moving, taking the reader on Susanna's journey as she fights her battles against her antagonist both in and out of court. I was captivated by her character and I could easily identify with her since she experiences pain, anxiety, passion, excitement, love gained and lost, and is thus an authentic and fully developed character. 


Landed Estate - Secrets – Smashwords (4 Stars)

Reviewed by ImeldaH

A gripping and enthralling read by an author who is really making his mark. Secrets is an eloquently written tale of the landed aristocracy in Ireland. It is an insightful and critically informed view from the Anglo-Irish perspective that demonstrates the land struggles that took place within families. The characters are wholesome and identifiable, passionate and alive - not restricted by stiff upper class cliches and conformities. The prose could sometimes fall victim to this and let the characters down at times but overall this is a thoroughly enjoyable read. The Irish countryside comes alive in a new and refreshing way for contemporary tales of this time and the paradox of peace and tranquillity is wonderfully created against the backdrop of uncertainty, threat and doom for an era almost at an end. 

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