Screenwriting Fundamentals

Screenwriting Fundamentals

This course is designed to give you the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the process of screenwriting, structure, formatting and will provide you with what you need to start writing your own screenplay. On completion, you will be able to write a screen script, formatted for submission. 


Level: Certificate

Entry Requirements: None


Learning Units:


Introduction to Screenwriting 

  • Characteristics of Screenwriting

  • The Story Scope

  • Suspense, Conflict, Drama

  • Understanding the 3 Act Structure

  • Creating the Event


Understanding Act 1 – The Build Up 

  • The Protagonist and Introducing Characters

  • Establishing the Status Quo

  • Act 1 Plot Twists


Understanding Act 2 – The Adventure 

  • Adding Plot Twists

  • Introducing Obstacles and Stakes

  • The Halfway Point

  • Preparation for the Resolution in Act 3


Understanding Act 3 - Resolution 

  • The Decisive Confrontation

  • Closing all Obstacles

  • Arriving at the Event

  • Twist Endings


Screenplay Formatting for Submission 

  • Covers & Title Page

  • First Page of Screenplay

  • The Script Page

  • Additional Formatting


Understanding the Legal Side 

  • Copyrights

  • Public Domain, Free Use & Creative Licence


Assessment Type:  

Script Writing Assignment and is to be completed outside of contact teaching hours. 


Learning Hours: 11


Certification: Ben Kesp Writing Academy  

Classroom Study

Study in a classroom environment and enjoy the experience of working and discussing topics with other candidates.

Study Notes Supplied. 


Delivery Months

March & November (1 Weekend) 


Location: Limerick City


€105/US $120



Unable to attend a face to face lesson then choose this online option for live online classes.  


Study Notes Supplied. 


Delivery Months (Time GMT)


March & November (1 Weekend) 





€88/US $100




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