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A Novel of Land, Love, Tradition and Family

Susanna Westby battles with family values, tradition, land and love in this historical mystery romance set in 18th and 19th century Ireland. Family secrets have been kept hidden sparking unresolved family disputes over her home and estate at Point Pleasant, leading to deceit and murder, tangled with the intricate lives of the aristocratic classes.

ISBN: 9781370325764

Enjoy this wonderful novel exploring the life of Susanna Westby, the Irish Aristocracy, grand houses and lush Irish countryside.

Landed Estate Home Page (Includes Sample Chapters)

“Secrets is an eloquently written tale of the landed aristocracy in Ireland”


“This historical romance set in Ireland was nicely written with believable characters”


“The author's keen interest in very minute details gives life to the story and the characters spring right before our very eyes”


“It is an insightful and critically informed view from the Anglo-Irish perspective that demonstrates the land struggles that took place within families”


“As a non-Irish reader, I could visualise the beautiful and lush Irish landscape which is presented so vividly”


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