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Kingdom of Malaar - Episode 1

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Episode 1


Sira Galor, Malic Ward, Barton Malor, Lorenz Calis, Marget Galor,

with Soulep and Rubella

Fade In.


Enegue, the capital city of Metag, the largest province of the Kingdom comes into view. Situated high above its fortified walls is the grand stone Royal Palace. At its centre extending high above the rest of the palace is a large red dome. Moving in towards the palace situated just below the dome is an extensive bay window protruding outwards, protected by stone pillars.


By the window protected by its pillars of stone, SIRA GALOR (22) stands. Her right hand is placed on one of the pillars. She stares vacantly outwards onto the vast city below her. A sound is heard from behind her. She turns and walks the length of the corridor reaching a double wooden door, guarded by two army soldiers on either side. Pushing the door inwards Sira enters a bed chamber and strides towards the large bed in the centre of the room which is surrounded by three nurses. Sira looks on at her father KING SEBASTIAN GLAOR (68) lying on the bed.



The nurses bow to Sira, retreating from the room. The soldiers close the door following them.


Sira, my child (pauses for breath) did I ever tell you, you look so like your mother. She would be proud of you. You will make (pauses for breath) a beautiful Queen.

Sira sits next to King Sebastian on the bed and gently rubs her hand over her father’s head, caressing his hair.


Your kingdom will be safe. I will look after it. Do not fear father.


I know you will. It is……it is…


Please father, do not talk. Rest now.


The Kingdom is what I give to you. I know it will make your mother and I proud (pauses for breath) to have our daughter (pauses) as Queen.

King Sebastian coughs and breathes once more before closing his eyes. Sira runs her hand over his head and leaning in, she places a kiss onto his forehead.


Don’t worry father. I will protect our kingdom.

Rising, Sira moves towards the large window and steps out onto the balcony. Sira casts her gaze over the countryside and onto the palace ground below. She inhales the evening air. Sira smiles.


SOULEP (HIGH DUCESS OF WAR) is joined by her sister, RUBELLA (HIGH DUCESS OF WISDOM) by a glowing fire.


The time has arrived sister. The mortal king is dead. Take your leave of these mountains and watch over our new queen. When the time is right, make contact with her and inform her of only what she needs to know. We must prepare the people of the Kingdom for what is coming.


I shall call for you when I am ready.

Soulep places the hood of her cloak over her head and steps into the darkness disappearing from sight. Rubella holds her gaze on the flames before her.

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